The population of India is just over 1.2 billion (with a B). The national sports are Field Hockey and Cricket. Cricket could be considered a cousin of baseball, so there is some cultural almost familiarity to the game of baseball. yeah the games are different, but the muscle memory involved is probably somewhat similar.

1.2 billion people.

It would require a commitment, but setting up baseball academies there could yield a wealth of talent. Now the Reds COULD do this on their own, but it is in MLB's best interests to do this. Say 10-12 academies scattered over the sub continent.

In 2008, two kids entered a pitching contest in india and were eventually signed by Pittsburgh. Over 37,000 tried out, most probably having very little knowledge of baseball. Now while the results weren't ideal, it is still worth exploring.

It's an untapped market of 1.2 billion. There is money to be made and talent to be harvested. Eventually, and possibly within 100 years, MLB will have international teams. Why not start the global process by establishing roots now?