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I'm not sure if Africa is right at this time. Just too much instability at this time. Someone did mention there is some baseball in the south, which would likely be the stable South Africa.

That said, India is rife with possibilities, but may be a way off. China, as some noted, have a few academies and that's a huge market, to say the least. The fifth largest country in the world, Brazil, is also a growing economy and I'm personally glad that we have a connection there with Barry Larkin managing their World Classic team. Plus there are existing leagues elsewhere in Central & South America and the Caribbean region. The language difference isn't huge between Spanish and Portuguese; I've seen folks from Brazil make do with understanding Spanish and vice versa.
I was a little off about the south (blame poor geography skills) - more central areas like Cameroon and Ghana are seeing some growth in baseball, and Uganda sent a team to the Little League world series this past year. That said, South Africa does have the largest baseball presence on the continent.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if the MLB helped set up a league in SA (there is one right now which sounds kind of semi-pro) similar to the Australian Baseball League.