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yeah he had a 3.86 era sandwiched between 4.23 in 2010 and 4.58 in 2012. Jake Westbrook once had a 3.38 era. That doesn't make him a #2 starter.

Look you can make this argument all you want but Mike Leake was awful this year and if everything goes well for chapman, he will never be anything more than a spot starter for the reds ever again.

And, if that production makes him easily a #3 and possibly a #2 then Bailey is a bonafide #2 and possibly a #1? Give me a break.
Not that WAR is the be-all and end-all, but in 30 starts, Leake had 1.5 fWAR. On top of that, it was a down year.

On the other hand, Kelly had a career year--which covered 24 games including 16 stats--and ended with only 1.0 fWAR.

Both Leake and Kelly have room to grow, and I wouldn't make any guarantees about either of them having a better future than the other. However, saying Kelly is "far and away more talented than Leake" is borderline asinine imho.