Haha. All good. Wasn't trying to be mean-spirited, Saluki. Sorry if I came across that way. Was just trying to razz you a little bit.

All in good fun. As for our attendance, when you're in the 29th-largest (second-smallest only in front of Milwaukee) market in all of MLB, 16th isn't all that bad. We still have a rabid fan base though, as evidenced by our TV and radio ratings, which are off-the-charts good for a market this small.

Spin-doctoring? Maybe a little. I think we should be higher than 16th coming off of 2 NL Central division titles in the last 3 years, but our ceiling is not much higher than that. The major cities are always going to out-draw us, no matter how much their teams might suck (I'm looking at you, New York Mets) or how good we might be. Just the way it is. But I agree we should be higher than 16th considering what a damn fine team we've got.

May the best team win (again) this year!