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There are always two sides to every story.

Please don't mistake me for a Braun sympathizer. However his reasoning behind the connection to Anthony Bosch sounds somewhat convincing. From The New York Times:

Supposedly they spoke to Bosch about possible urine tampering and elevated testosterone levels. This could mean that Braun's lawyers were simply busy trying to build a defense. To an individual trying to look at this from an unbiased perspective, I can see where this might be legitimate.

Our questions will certainly be answered soon enough. MLB will have to respond to this with an investigation of their own (if they haven't already). Until then, we cannot know for sure whether or not the interactions were legitimate.

Everything is speculation at this point.
Braun's explanation for being in Bosch's books makes sense, and I believe his explanation. It doesn't change the fact that Braun tested positive for PEDs and got off on a lame technicality. He is a cheater and I don't take him seriously as a baseball player.

I wish that baseball would stiffen the penalty for PEDs. 50 games is a joke. If I were king the penalties would be:

First offense- 162 games, plus player is ineligible for the playoffs in any season that a suspension is served.

Second offense- lifetime ban.