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JoJo - You can buy the BS about the sample deteriorating over the weekend. It's just not factual. I find the burying of one's head in the sand and buying into these excuses just another reason that baseball doesn't take PEDS seriously.

Actually you don't have a clue whether the sample results were biologically compromised or not and that is the point. It is absolutely factual to state that how a sample is handled and stored can significantly impact the integrity of the sample. What we know is that Braun's sample wasn't handled according to the protocol that was collectively bargained as a standard that ensured sample integrity. The arbitrator simply ruled that given the chain of command issues, he doesn't have a clue. I don't have a clue either but it is possible given how the sample was handled that his positive could have been erroneous. I seriously doubt that there is a sinlg eperson on Redszone who would find the way Braun's sample was handled acceptable for their own sample if their livelihood rested upon the results of tests on it.

You've adopted a pretty definitive position about the reliability of Braun's test results but lack the information necessary to support it. You're offended by PED use and have adopted a position concerning player guilt that is consistent with your preconceived conclusion.

It's a strange position to take when accusing others of bias.