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What do the error bars look like? The graph suggests that a little more than an additioanl 1.5 player's had a power spike during PEDs era versus the golden and balanced eras.

We know alot of other factors were at play during '94-'04 as well. It just doesn't look like that big of an effect based upon the graph.
And jojo, there is plenty of gray area on this subject and plenty of decent points to be made. But as with your correcting the record of Arroyos tenure here earlier today, perhaps you can understand my not wanting that fact to pass thru unchecked. There were more power spikes. I'm open to having a factually honest discussion about that and why that may be. But to ignore that fact is not being up front to anyone who just reads the post and accepts that as is. I do believe Nate Silver was misrepresented earlier, and would like the record I show that. What I mean by that is with Nate openly questioning himself on the second graph, I don't believe he would assert that it is proof of anything.