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What evidence to you have that steroids or HGH helps weight lifters and swimmers and football players?

Olympic records and world records in weight-lifting, swimming and track & field have been broken year after year. Just this past Olympics many records were broken. If PEDs had been so helpful to athletes in the steroid era then why have their records been broken by clean athletes in recent years under stringent PED testing? If steroids were so effective those cheaters' records should still be in effect but they were broken long ago.

Blood doping in cycling is a bit different because they were injecting themselves with extra red-blood cells before races to improve their endurance. That was likely very effective, but it is not a steroid or PED.
Wow, just wow. So now you are saying PED's don't help strength and even something like swimming. Just wow. Alright, you are to be put on ignore and I can't say anything more because I would get banned.