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While Bosch's character and testimony maybe suspicious, lest we forget that we're speaking of a medical practice which specialized in weight loss and anti-aging treatments, and was shown to be distributing illegal substances to players.

A Miami newspaper (which I'm certain some here think has a vendetta) was given files from the clinic by an ex-employee. These records showed strong evidence of improper practices. Bosch is confirming the already dubious connection.

Say what you will about motives of Bosch, the newspaper, the ex-employee, but taken together, the evidence seems pretty strong in favor of the players purchasing steroids from Bosch.
Well, we have yet to see any evidence but if that is the evidence, it is strong. It may actually be enough. But people are going to look at this guy and realize he's made a deal so his credibility isn't going to be the greatest. Not to mention a lot of these were cash deals.

Obviously, these guys are going to be suspended. But there will be an appeals process and MLB isn't going to be the judge and jury.