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It all depends on how you account for extended ST innings. I'm pretty sure teams don't count them 1:1 with live game innings.

Obviously they have an innings target. I'm kind of hoping that target is well short of the ~140 IP that he'd get in a full A-ball season. If it's <120 IP, then he's either a 4 IP starter, which I'm not sure allows him to work enough on consistency with his pitches, or he needs to keep his starts totals in the low 20s (in which case he'll need to miss some starts).

However they manage his IP cap, the main focus should be on making sure that power arm of his stays intact. In the grand scheme of his career, no one cares about his exploits in Dayton.
I could be wrong, but given the circumstances, I doubt he tops 120-125 this year. When limiting guys in the past they have just gone to some games where they limit them to 3-4 innings at times and have also shut guys down for August at times as well.