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Quite frankly, I think by the end of the season we'll see Hamilton in center, with Choo in left. I love Ludwick and his attitude, but think he's going to have a hard time duplicating last year. If he gets off to the kind of start he did last year, and Hamilton is tearing up AAA, while Choo is struggling defensively in center, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Billy up.
I think you might be disappointed due to the 2 year deal Ludwick has and the way Ludwick pulled out of it last year as well, which Dusty will recall.

For Ludwick it seems to be a rhythm/preparedness thing. I believe he will find his stroke just like last year and have a great year.

But for Ludwick to do really really bad and Hamilton to do really really good it will take a lot of fortune. Also ahead of Billy is Heisey and perhaps Frazier, giving Dusty a lot of lineups to tinker with while the organization stays patient with Billy.