As many of you know this has been something that I have run on here for I believe 5 years now? Lets see if we can make it happen again this year and hope that it runs smoother and more participation than last years mock.

We can try to do as many rounds as everyone is willing to go. I think 4 is pushing the limit, so 3 or 4 should work.

I wanted to get the sign up thread going early in hopes that we can get one owner per team instead of guys having multiple teams. I plan to start the actual mock shortly after the NFL combine completes at the end of this month.

Please respond to this thread if you would like to participate and which team you want. We have always done first come first serve as far as assigning teams.

I will be taking the Saints as usual.


1. Chiefs
2. Jaguars
3. Raiders
4. Eagles
5. Lions
6. Browns
7. Cardinals
8. Bills
9. Jets
10. Titans
11. Chargers
12. Dolphins
13. Buccaneers
14. Panthers
15. Saints - Buckeye33
16. Rams
17. Steelers
18. Cowboys
19. Giants
20. Bears
21. Bengals
22. Rams (from Redskins)
23. Vikings
24. Colts
25. Seahawks
26. Packers
27. Texans
28. Broncos
29. Patriots
30. Falcons
31. 49ers
32. Ravens

Redskins -