The worse part of the this thread is every single year I open it up and read every post and I say to myself that I am in the worse shape of my this makes like 4-5 years in a row that I have been in the worse shape of my life.....that is truly sad and I feel even worse than I did last year about it.....the saddest part is I won't do anything about all are counting days to opening day while I am too but I am just as excited to get to GABP and eat a large nacho with extra cheese and jalapeños in the first inning...then follow that up in the 4th inning with an Italian sausage then have desert during the 8th inning that consists of a 3 way.......then I drive home and listen to the cowboy talk about UDF ice cream so I normally swing by the nearest UDF and fatten up some more.....

Now, multiply that by 30-45 times a year and you see why I am always in the worse shape and this thread is nothing more to me than a reminder that Pablo Sandoval and I have the same issues.

I wouldn't trade it for anything least I am watching the Reds contend instead of suck.

Don't get me started on the 12 games a year that I sit in my inlaws seats at club checking account takes a good hit during that stretch. Good food up there.