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Shin Soo-Choo is a product of his culture. Saying something like "I expect to get to the level..." would be considered extreme braggadocio.

In searching the net for quotes from him, I found very few, and they all had a humble bent. About the most boastful you are going to find from him is this quote prior to 2012:

"My career, every year has been better, better, better. This year (2011), I was at the bottom. So next year, I can only go up. Maybe it wont be stressful. Ill just be able to play. Ill get healthy in the offseason and then next year come back and then just play. Ill show them Im healthy and I can still play.

Even that quote is very humble. Also, do not read into the "then someone else will play center field" as an expectation that he will then play right.
I think it may be just as accurate to interpret it to mean the far more humble, "On a team as talented as the Reds, I will have to earn my position on the field."
Spot on.

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Maybe he hasn't received this year's approved book of cliches'.

My wife, who is Korean, said that Choo's statements were so typical of the things Korean athletes usuallly say that they could essentially be considered part of the KOREAN approved book of cliches.

So, this one is a big fat "move along......Nothing to see here."