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Not seeing it. Exactly where did they improve from last season? Swisher was a decent addition, but he doesn't offset the loss of Shin Soo Choo. Bourn is a good CF and lead-off guy and probably moves the needle a bit. The rest are just treading water IMO. Mark Reynolds in, Travis Hafner out. Drew Stubbs isn't much. Rotation is still poor IMO.

Swisher doesn't offset of the loss of Choo? Uh what? in what universe?
in the last 3 years Swisher has 76 HRs to Choos 46, Swisher has 99 Doubles to Choos 85, Swisher had 230 Walks to Choos 192, and Swisher has had the same or better WAR 2 of those 3 years, and Swisher actually stays healthy, offensive wise Swisher was a HUGE upgrade and its not even close really

Same with Hafner and Reynolds, last 3 years Reynolds has 82 HRs to Hafners 38, 70 Doubles to Hafners 51 and again he stays healthy, so thats another HUGE upgrade, i mean if you cant see a almost 50 HR diffrence isn't incredibly significant then idk what to tell you other then you more then likley cant even spell the word baseball let alone should be talking about it

what about adding Bourn over Damon/Carerra/Cunningham?
or Chisenhall over Hannahan?

but its clear you just wanted to troll and get owned while looking like a fool in the process, and thats fine, but do some research next time chump