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You don't see the difference in not allowing new products have him on them versus erasing him from photos of things that happened?

This is a great idea from baseball. You get what you deserve. Pete thought he was bigger than the rules of baseball. He wasn't. Now he is paying the price.
I agree that Pete gets what he deserves. And so far he has gotten it. I also think it should continue while he is alive. However, unless they strike all his statistics from the books I think this is silly. To mention 4,256 hits. To mention other names that hold "significant" records. It really punishes the fans IMO.

Can you have it both ways? His name is on top of the list for hits in the Baseball Encyclopedia. His name graces many other lists in that same publication. His name and other items belonging to him have been on display in Cooperstown. Perhaps I do not get it, but it seems very hypocritical to me.