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First of all, he was never in any way punished for greenies, nor was anyone else in his era. Not Aaron, Mays, Bench, etc. Greenies were apparently readily availbale in every MLB club house, and it is totally wrong to pick Rose out of everyone else on that issue. This has been hashed over by Pete Rose haters for years and I, for one, am sick and tired of it.

He was banned for gambling on baseball. Period. That infraction is certainly bad enough in it's own right, but in no way does it impact the wonderful playing career that Pete Rose gave us. In no conceivable way does it diminish his 4,256 career hits. Period.
I would throw all of those guys under the bus too if they were brought up as never taking anything. But someone specifically brought up Pete as never taking something. He did. And it is banned in MLB right now.

His being kicked out of baseball absolutely impacts his playing career. We can't look back on it the same way. We aren't allowed to celebrate it. No Pete Rose bobblehead. No Pete Rose number 14 retirement night. Nothing.

Finally, why would Topps choose to omit Rose's all-time hit record, without also 'taking away' Bonds all time or single season HR record? There is a guy whose infractions directly impacted his records.
Barry Bonds isn't banned from baseball. He is currently allowed to be on MLB merchandise. Pete isn't.

Topps may like the publicity this gets, but I for one am finished with their products for good. I'm closing my E-Topps account, and never buying from them again.
Holy overreaction Batman.