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WOY, do you think Pete will be a posthumous induction into the HoF? Really want your insight.
I sometimes think that he'll get in that way, after watching the writers use their power against almost anyone who played in the 90's I have my doubts.

After watching some of Pete's reality show I'm certain that he'll be dead before they let him speak about being inducted. In short maybe some day but the man is a train wreck when it comes to having a camera shoved in his face and the words "hall of fame" uttered. His best bet would to drop out of site in any way that doesn't have to do with baseball.

One note:

Everyone always mentions (and mostly Pete) that his "fans" want him in.

While that is true the fact is that if you are 35 years old or younger than you likely have a small memory to no memory of Pete the player.

One day his fans will be gone, one day the writers will be gone, one day though the only lingering memory some might have him is as a older ex player willing to sign anything with one hand while his other arm is draped around a big busted asian woman who is silently counting his daily take.