I really should pay more attention. I just stumbled across something fantastic when messing around with the At Bat app on my iPad. There's a long list of classic games you can watch if you're an At Bat Premium subscriber. Just a couple of the many selections are Game 4 of the 1976 World Series and Game 4 of the 1990 World Series. Here's how you access the games:

At Bat Premium users will have the ability to stream and purchase classic games through iTunes.

Watching Classic Games
1.Tap on the "MLB.TV" icon in the upper right
2.Tap on the "Classics" heading
3.Tap on the desired game
Anyway, just a heads-up for those of you out there with the subscription who may not have known about this great feature. (I want to believe I'm not the only one who was in the dark on this.)