very excited to see the new look indians offense vs you're Reds even if it is only ST, im not sure if Swisher will be there since his mother passed away tonight

but im very interested in seeing what a lineup of

can do and all the while being managed by Terry Franchona

im also interested to see what the rotation looks like this year, if they can just be a middle of the road rotation they should contend for the ALC just because alot of Pitching staffs in the AL dont have the talent 1-5 to hold the indians potential offense down for multiple games in row, just too much speed and power mix.

but i do think the new OF of Brantley-Bourn-Stubbs will make the rotation look better just because our OF was dreadful last year even with Choo who does have a strong arm, but theres alot of plays he cant make in RF so im interested to see how well he will pan out in CF, i feel like its going to end very bad.

how have the Reds looked in ST? any guys sitting out for a while?