As things stand right now, Arroyo is #22 all time in terms of Cincinnati pitchers for career wins with 91, only 3 victories behind Jim O'Toole and 6 behind Jose Rijo. If history is any indication, he should easily pick up the 10 victories needed to move past Mario Soto on the team's career victories list. In addition, he's #12 all time currently among Reds pitchers in career strikeouts, and looks to move up that list during the 2013 season as well.

I've always been a Bronson fan during his time with the Reds, but it seems like many here on Redszone have thought of Arroyo as an overpaid and unnecessary piece of the team since the trade that brought him here. There have been numerous threads over the years where I've rushed in to defend Bronson, as I like what he brings to the team with his bulldog attitude on the field, as well as the way he carries himself off the field with his honest and carefree attitude.

So, the question is this: At the end of his tenure here, would you say that Bronson Arroyo deserves a place in the Reds Hall of Fame among the best to ever wear the wishbone "C", or is he not worthy to be considered among the all time greatest Reds pitchers, in spite of what his numbers say?