I agree with MWM...the criteria for team HOF should be different and I have no problem using emotion and fan sentiment as a measuring stick. Casey as a baseball player was hardly HOF material by any stretch---especially when you consider the offensive history of the Reds, but he was a solid to good player for a number if years, and must importantly, he was as beloved a player as any I've seen in my lifetime and likely in the history of the franchise.

Fans appreciated his kindness and the way he embraced the game. He was someone they enjoyed rooting for (and for awhile there, he was a darn good hitter). He represented many good things for the Reds during his time here and I'm 100% OK with him making the HOF.

That was a long ramble to illustrate a greater point....Arroyo came to the team at a time when our SP was at an all time low. He stuck it out on some bad teams and is now still a key member of a team with legit WS aspirations. Some may scoff because he is probably just a #3/4 starter on a good team (like we are now), but I certainly see the value in a guy that can be a #3/4 starter for one team for almost a decade and do it well---especially a team that was so poor at that position prior to his arrival.

Bronson also has a little "big game swagger" to him that I think people like. I really trust him in bigger games and he has performed well in our playoff appearances two of the last three seasons. His story in Cincy is still being written, but right now, I'd say he is on track for the HOF.