A few days ago Vegas released their over/under on the win total of MLB teams. So I thought it'd be a fun idea to start a Reds-related over/under thread. Here goes nothing!

1.Joey Votto homeruns- 29.5. I say over.
2.Aroldis Chapman IP- 150
3.Johnny Cueto wins- 17.5
4.Ryan Ludwick homeruns- 24.5
5.Joey Votto RBIs- 109.5
6.Todd Frazier homeruns- 19.5
7.Jonathan Broxton saves- 29.5
8.Choo OBP- .385
9.Jay Bruce homeruns- 34.5
10.Reds win total- 94.5
11. Reds postseason wins- 2.5

Granted, these are just a few of the very many I could do, so if you have any other interesting ones to add please feel free. Here are my guesses:

1. Over. I'm thinking Votto comes closer to his 2010 power numbers than 2011.
2. Under. I think he ends up back in the pen.
3. Under. I think a slight regression in performance is coming for Cueto, and the starting pitchers in general this year may find a bit less luck with the win total if the bullpen isn't as dominant as it was last year.
4. Under. I love Ludwick, but don't think he can match last year's performance.
5. Over. I think Votto's going to have his best RBI season yet.
6. Over. Frazier will no doubt hit his growing pains this year, but I think he has enough raw power to surpass 20 homers.
7. Under. For this reason- I think Chapman ends up as the closer.
8. Over.
9. Over.
10. Under. I'm thinking between 92-94 wins.
11. Over. This number is much more important than the regular season number .