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Doug....how do you see LaMarre working out? Do you think he will end up in one of the corners? I have read some good stuff on him and talked to a few scouts who love the kid.....they say he is just missing on being consistent......what if he turns out to be a stud, what do we then do? Can he play LF in a few years when Luddy is gone?
I ask because I was listening to a podcast last year from BP and one of their guys was very high on him.....they loved his bat and loved his jump off the ball and said they could see him making a very fast climb to the big leagues.....of course that climb did not happen last year but it could this year. What do we di if that climb does happen this year. he is getting older and its time for him to either put it together or not....
A lot of scouts I have talked to question how he was a second round pick. They all love his defense and speed, but every last one of them is a big skeptic of his bat. I am not that down on his bat, but I also think it is a center field bat, not a "weak" left field type of bat. He needs to (and reportedly has) re-work his swing that he was using for the most part of 2012. It will never generate any kind of power. If he can add a few more home runs to his game, he has a chance to be more than a back up.