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I can understand ranking first rounders (or guys who get first round size bonuses) ahead of experienced minor leaguers based solely on raw talent, but beyond that I want to see them perform against other professionals before I rank them. Constante got third round money after going unsigned as a 16-17-18 year old. It's great that he has matured into a damn good prospect, but I don't view him as an elite prospect who deserves to be ranked over guys who have already proven themselves in the professional ranks.
What proof is out there for Bryson Smith? That his results indicate that he might make it as a 4th outfielder? How does that hold more value than a guy who could be a major league starting pitcher? Bryson Smith has shown enough warts already that you can say that he won't be a starting outfielder on a playoff team. Constante has shown no such warts and has all sorts of upside.