Interesting post by David Schoenfield at ESPN. Here's an excerpt:

So who is Billy Hamilton? His minor league résumé so far is more impressive than the résumés of [Vince] Coleman or Otis Nixon or [Willie] Wilson (or Esix Snead!), but less impressive than those of [Lenny] Dykstra or [Rickey] Henderson or [Tim] Raines. As long as Hamilton stays within himself, draws his walks, hits the ball on the ground and hustles out his doubles and triples, he should develop into a better player than Coleman. I think the upside here is the young Wilson, who learned to hit at the major league level. Wilson had the advantage back then of playing on turf, so I don't know if Hamilton will contend for batting titles, but he's not just a speed guy. He can play baseball.
Apparently we've got a young Willie Wilson on our hands.