you see the Reds putting an emphasis on drafting SS's for the next few years? I know we have a few in the minors but I don't thunk the Reds are sold on Zach being the captain of the infield for the future, maybe the short term future but I don't think he will be a 10 year Barry Larkin by no means.

I am thrilled with the way this regime has drafted and bought pitching over the last few years.....we have a plan and we have stuck to it so far even if it meant giving away some great drafted talent. I think we have drafted some good young outfielders also, guys I think that can be serviceable or be trade bait, but the one spot I don't feel we have excelled at is drafting talented smooth sure fire middle infielders, shortstop in particular. Do you see that changing and what's your thoughts on this topic..

Sorry for jumping off topic but in a weird way it kind of relates to Zach so I tossed it in with this thread instead of starting a new one...apologies to the OP.