God is in the business of doing what man says can't be done. This is one of those things.

I've been given a chance to bring a midday sports talk show to a radio station in Cincinnati that will have a Christian perspective. The cost of the airtime is fairly steep, especially for all three hours. And people I talk to there are telling me that there's no way it will work.

Well, if God wants it to work, it will. The station is a small AM, but covers all of Greater Cincinnati and beyond during the daytime. No issues at all. The show, again, will be sports talk. But we will most definitely explore the Christian faith of our guests, and how living for Jesus Christ applies in today's secular world. It will also give us a chance to focus on some of the good things going on in the community via the high school sports programs, smaller colleges and, yes, the big boys in town.

It's a unique concept. It's not something the market is accustomed to seeing. It certainly isn't something the corporate radio shills are going to do.

And yes, the odds against it succeeding are long. But again, God will be the determining factor. If He wants this show to succeed, He will make a way.

Just asking for prayers. And if you have an interest in the idea on any platform - sales, production, etc - please let me know via email.

Thanks...and God Bless.