So, yesterday I was involved in a pretty serious car accident. Rear ended by a semi going 45 mph (I was stopped in traffic!) and got pushed into another car. I made it out ok, sore and a little banged up, but otherwise fine. My car took the worst of it, it's totaled.

The most annoying part of the last 24 hours? My phone has been ringing non stop with calls from lawyers and "medical referral" services. 11 calls from lawyers, 3 from chiropractors, 3 from the "referral" services I spoke of, and in the mail today I got a letter from another lawyer. They all mention I need protection from the evil insurance companies, which is ironic because the insurance company has been great, I think it's the ambulance chasing freak show I think I need protection from. They must hang out at the police station and buy copies of all the accident reports for the day or something. Ridiculous!