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With Burfict playing the middle I don't see a spot opening up for Teo. Bengals draft really well as of late using the Baltimore method of always take BPA. I can see them going either with a safety or an offensive lineman.

I was watching ESPN and they had Tedy Bruschi talking about Teo and his draft stock. I love when these talking heads start to contradict themselves. He was saying that if you run a 4.8 that makes you a package LB. It drops you into the 2nd and 3rd and later rounds and you may be taken off the field for dime or nickle or penny package. But what Tedy didn't mention was that he was drafted in the 3rd round. I guess he came off the field in nickle and dime packages! It annoys me when these so called analysis's have gone through the ringer before yet still pigeon hole careers of guys because of their combine numbers. One would think Bruschi would be smarter than that.

To compound on that they were profiling LB's again and talking about what a slow 40 can do. They then profiled Burfict and his slow 40. Which brought me back to Mike Mayock who constantly said his draft review of Burfict was spot on. Well here is the thing guys, you were wrong. That is what happens when you misjudge the combine numbers. Admit that you are wrong instead of sounding like a bumbling idiot on a broadcast.