Ink today about Mes and Olivo and who will stay and who will be sent down.

Thought we could all put our views in one thread, up to date. I'm sure this was covered in other threads, but now the actual decision time is coming up.

My conclusion on this one is that last year's split between Hanigan and Mesoraco would be a mistake in 2013. Mes just won't develop sitting on the bench most games.

I've also concluded that Hanigan is the better bet short term, but I mean short term. Ryan is a wonderful defender and he gets on base, but his OPS the last two years is just over .700. I don't see him being a major factor in the offense at this point.

So, my opinion would be to send Mes to AAA after spring training. Let him play every day at AAA this year. Give him a September call up, and obviously let him come up if there are injuries.

I don't remember when Hanigan's contract ends, but I'd make him the backup starting next year with Mes taking over, unless there is an unforeseen injury or Mes fails at AAA.

Other views?