Sorry so long
7X7 ROTO Yahoo Points League. It's a 4 player keeper league.
5X5 plus OPS and 2B hitting and Loses and Whips for pitching.

For every player I keep I lose a draft pick that has been set. I can keep anyplayer drafted after the 3rd round. Example 5 year ago I drafted Carlos Gonzalez in the 11th round and every year he is placed 1 round closer to the 3rd round. Once a player reaches the 3rd round status it's the last year he can be kept.
I'm keeping the following:
Jose Bautista losing a 3rd rounder (also last year I can keep them).
Carlos Gonzalez lose a 6th rounder
Bill Butler lose a 10th rounder

My 4th player options are:
Gallardo lose a 7th rounder
Trumbo lose a 16th
Utley lose a 22nd
Peavy lose a 23rd
Salvador Perez lose a 24th

Who would you keep?

Thanks for any help.