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Ok, so that justifies blasting fans, the customers? It is true that Cincy fans are a bunch of whiny losers?
I 100% believe that Cincinnati sports fans feel a big "why us" when things happen, especially those that are roughly my age (30 and under). We haven't had a single championship in our lifetime. We have had our best Bengals team go out and lose their starting quarterback on the first play of the stinking game. Oh, and the starting wide receiver on the same play. They have had the #1 basketball team in the country with the #1 player in the country break his leg in the conference tournament and miss out on the NCAA tournament because of it. We have had a no hitter thrown against us in the first game of the playoffs we had been to in 15 years. We then had our ACE throw 7 entire pitches before getting injured and having to leave the game only to see us then go out and blow a 2-0 series lead at home.

Those of you who are older may not feel that way. You have seen World Series and Super Bowl appearances. Heck, you probably have even seen the Bearcats final four run. Guys my age? Crushing disappointments and several on the craziest things you can imagine. Are we whiney? Sure, maybe. But we feel that way for a reason. Cincinnati sports has kicked us in the boys, repeatedly.