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It's very hard to argue that Baker didn't overwork Prior in 2003, as your numbers demonstrate. That's probably the last time we see a young pitcher worked like that.

However, we really don't know that that workload is what caused Prior's injury. I personally think teams should pitch their best pitchers without regard for pitch counts, age and workloads. Pitchers are going to get hurt no matter how you handle them. I think the value of using them when they are healthy and you need the quality innings outweighs whatever extra years you might get out of them by babying them. jmo
I think this whole "overworkikng" thing is baloney. That belief is based on a totally arbitrary and unsubstantiated belief that somehow the pitcher's arm begins tiring at 100 pitches magically and anything over 100 is abuse.

There is no magical number that constitutes abuse. People have tried and failed to connect any sort of pitch count as being the magical number.