Has anyone tried Rabbitt TV? Sounds interesting but it also reminds me of Magic Jack, which I tried also. I had middling success with Magic Jack, at times I found it great, other times it would drive me mad.

Rabbitt TV promises something like 10,000 TV stations on your computer. If I could pull up the Reds home games I'd be satisfied but I'd use it for other teams as well. I carry my laptop with me when I'm on the road (which is often) and it claims to work in those also. So, ya' just throw it inthe bag and plug it into a USB port when you get to the hotel, plug it in and, with internet, it should be good to go. I'm not clear if it will work with wi-fi or not.

I've currently got Direct TV and their baseball program can get a little expensive and isn't portable. Rabbitt TV is currently offering one of these little plug-ins for $10.00 and no monthly fees.

Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.