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BTW, what in the hell is Lunardi's infatuation with Duke? Let me get this straight.......they didnt win the regular season title and sure as heck aint gonna get the tournament title. Just listened to him, he thinks the only way they come off the one line is that Kansas wins the Big 12 tourney title. Poses a question in my mind.......has there ever been a #1 seed that (a) didnt win their conferences regular season title combined with (b) didnt win their conferences tournament title combined with (c) didnt have a #1 seed come from within the same conference(which Lunardi doesnt think Miami can achieve a #1). Heck we might have two teams that win their regular season and conference tournament titles on the two line(Florida and Miami) and the powers that be are still talking about Duke as a #1?
My main turn off to ESPN is their "stiffies" for certain teams. Duke, the Yankees, the Cowboys mainly. Just like the news media can be biased with regards to political views, the sports media has their preferences too. ESPN looks at these teams with the same glimmer in their eye as John Madden does Brett Favre.