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I think Walt Jocketty is a "baseball person."

I also think Walt Jocketty should have rented a Goodyear blimp that said "CHAPMAN WILL DEFINITELY BE IN THE ROTATION" when he signed Jonathan Broxton to a $21-million contract to be the team's closer.

No way Jocketty makes that move if he wasn't all-in on Chapman being a starter. How many times does this need to be said? Does anyone really believe the Reds would have given that much coin to Broxton if they weren't convinced Chapman was moving to the rotation?
Meh. Broxton is only making $4 Million in 2013 (less than Sean Marshall and only a little more than Nick Masset). I think the deal was back-loaded so that he could be used as a set-up man if it didn't work-out and then dealt before the big money hits. Probably won't get much back in talent, but I think he's movable. I'd bet the Tigers would love to have him. Next year maybe the Yankees too.