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LOL you are a piece of work. You are the king of personal attacks and insults and argumentative posts without substance. We all know it and have known it for years. You should have seen my PM box after your barrage. Lots of laughs and thank you's. People know how you are and apparently they like it when you get a comeuppance.

My Ignore List re-set after the site got moved, but now the only member of its population is about to be repatriated.....and... done! Ah, much better now.

Please just share your opinion and move on without harassing me and others with sniping distortions of our opinions.

I apologize for falling prey to his shenanigans guys. I won't let it happen again. Nothing but peace and serenity now that the Ignore List is protecting me again.
Again, no one forced you to post the unprovoked attacks you have now posted multiple times.

Please for the sake of the thread, put me on ignore and importantly refrain from further attacks.