Thought I'd get the laughs out of the way first. I know so many of you are tired of these Stanton trade threads. So I apologize in advance. My suggestion is to move on if it's boring you.

I was driving along thinking about all the years you'd see the Reds invite all these retread guys to Spring Training, who'd have a legit shot at making the team. Seemed like our LFer was someone different every year. We'd pick up some starting pitcher that no other team wanted and he'd be our 3rd or 4th starter. Seriously. I'm with so many of you who suffered through those years.

And now I think of those days and the current regime and the current roster. And how all the positions are legitimately locked up with REAL answers. Best starting pitching staff I can ever recall in my near 50-year lifetime.

This also brings me to the fact that with so many positions filled and for a long time, the Reds have legit trading chips.

So here's my crazy scenario:

1. By mid-June, the Reds have run away with the division, and are looking like the best team in baseball.
2. The lineup, from top to bottom is raking with individually most of them having their best seasons ever, including Choo. Choo is setting the world on fire, getting on base at a high rate (near .400), batting .330, and playing stellar defense in CF.
3. Meanwhile, at the minors, Billy Hamilton, Corcino, Cingrani, Stephenson are all doing very well also.
4. Behind the scenes. Walt has a verbal agreement with Boras, to sign Choo to a 3/$36M contract.
5. Behind the scenes. Walt has a verbal agreement with The Fish, to trade Hamilton, Corcino, Stephenson, and Ludwick (salary relief) for Giancarlo Stanton.

If 1 thru 4 happen, would you do that trade?

My gut is it's too much and hurts our starting pitching down the road. But I'd be extremely tempted and would do the deal.