Brandon McCarthy and Javier Lopez spoke at a recent SABR conference about the player side of analytics. This quote from McCarthy is kind of disheartening, when asked about Stats in the Clubhouse:

McCarthy: "If it's not cut-and-dried, and here's the answer, it's hard to take that out into a team atmosphere. We know that on-base percentage is a better measure of a hitter than batting average, but you still talk with players and try explain that concept to them, and they still think it's batting average. So it's especially hard to tell someone this is why this defender isn't as good because these numbers are saying so. It's very hard to describe and break down. So until those numbers are more easily explained, more practical, something you could show somebody, it's pretty hard to take this discussion much further than some kind of a cute side thing."
You can download the entire presentation at the link above. It is just over an hour long.