I'm sure you guys have seen this story, but the other day Justin Verlander was pitching to the Mets and hit Jordany Valdespin....let's say in the "mommy-daddy button" (bonus points for knowing the movie that came from).......here's verlander's quote about it that absolutely cracked me up:

Justin Verlander: "Right out of the hand, it's like, 'Oh, (expletive). That is right at his balls."

even funnier part:
Valdespin's quote when asked where it hit him "In my D***".....but later said everything was working OK.....lol.

killer part is, Mets officials ripped into Valdespin b/c he wasn't wearing a cup.
Having caught for most of my little league 'career'....I'll admit to not wearing a cup in practice....until i took a foul ball in the same area...I feel his pain.....