Yahoo Rotisserie, 11 team league, standard 5x5 scoring.
Made a couple trades immediately after the draft, and have a few keepers (Trout, Stanton and Rizzo were keepers). Here is my team:

C M.Montero
1B Rizzo
2B Cano
SS Tulowitzki
3B Longoria
OF Stanton
OF Trout
OF Fowler
DH P.Alvarez

BN Uggla 2B
BN N.Walker 2B
BN W.Myers OF
BN J.Profar 2B/SS/DH

SP Greinke
SP Lincecum
SP Morrow
SP Bailey
SP B.Anderson
SP S.Marcum
SP S.Miller
SP T.Skaggs
RP J.Papelbon
RP J.Broxton
RP E.Freieri

Clearly, I need one more OF as Myers isn't likely to start the season in the majors. Cameron Maybin is on the waiver wire. So is Kyle Lohse. I want to pick up both (but will prioritize Maybin first). Question is - do I drop Miller, Skaggs, Marcum, Uggla, or Walker?

(The reason I have 4 2B is immediately after the draft I traded Jayson Heyward and Jeff Samardzjia for Robinson Cano and Shelby Miller)

Any/all other comments and suggestions welcome please. Where should I be looking to improve? Thanks in advance!