Nice article from John Erardi on the Reds.

Much as I liked the '94 team going into the year with a full season of Davey Johnson at the helm and a monster year expected (and received) from slugger Kevin Mitchell, the players' strike derailed it with the Reds in first place after 114 games. I didn't believe in the '95 team quite so much.

I like 1992 as a comparison to this year, because the '92 Reds, two years removed from their world title, realized they couldn't stand pat, given the disaster that was 1991. They traded for pitchers Greg Swindell and Tim Belcher, and leadoff man Bip Roberts. They didn't make the postseason, but they did win 90 games.

And that's the point.

In 1991, the Reds' got their "bump" in attendance following the "the year after 'the year' ," but they didn't know what to do with it.