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To be fair, they thought he was, at the time, the best option they had for the number five starter role. Basically they thought that was enough of a finished product to fill the back of the rotation.

I think, looking back, while Leake played a big role in the Reds first division win in 15 years, the Reds might be thinking that bringing him right to the majors wasn't the best idea, that he might have been better off in the long run to have started his career in the minors.

We can argue whether he is actually learning on the job, but one thing we can't debate is that he should be learning, wherever he pitches. He's at the age and level of development where he is should still be learning and getting better. We'll see this year if he can do that at the MLB level.
The thing is though his pitchability and command were his strengths coming in (that's why he was considered polished coming from college and why the Reds didn't send him to the minors).

I'm not sure there is the room between his ball cap and ceiling on these aspects that some seem to be arguing gives him significant room to grow.