A friend of mine is looking for some child care options. They have a 9 year old, who leaves for school at 7:30am and gets back at 3:30pm. They have a 4 year old as well, who doesn't go to school yet. They are looking for someone to come to their home from 7am until usually 3-3:30pm every day of the work week. Some days it may be earlier in the afternoon that someone would get off, say 1pm from time to time.

They have been absolutely shocked by the rates that people want to charge. Personally, I think that they are crazy to think that the prices they have been quoted are crazy because they are attempting to compare that to sending the youngest to a daycare for now and then both to daycare during the summer.

But I thought I would ask here and see if anyone has had a similar experience and what the "going rate" was for something like this.