1) rotation depth. They didn't need it last year, it never felt like they had it last season, they most certainly will need it this season, is Cingrani & Corcino enough to provide that depth?

2) Sophomore slump. Read recently that 74% of all players who recieved votes in the Rookie of the year balloting b/w 2007 & 2011 saw a dip in either their OPS or their ERA. I know Frazier finished 3rd last year, didn't Cozart pick up a few votes as well???

3) Votto's knee/power. As Votto goes, so will this team go, take the best hitter away from any lineup and it will suffer, this lineup is no different.

4) CF defense..Obviously they're not getting the range they had last year in stubbs, probably won't be a big difference in Cincy, but could be huge in places like San Fran.

5) Mes' development. Things obviously went less than swimingly last year, can he adjust this season to sharing time w/ hannigan?

Things I'm not worried about, that I worried about at the start of last season:

1) The Bench, for the first time in a long while, it feels like they're going to have a complete bench. Some lefties that can pinch hit, some defense, some versatility...

2) Back of the bullpen. Chapman settled in, Broxton provides another power arm, marshall was great in the 7th & 8th, LeCure came into his own, etc...