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Nope, I don't think he is an elite prospect. None of the prospecting gurus had him ranked in their Top 25 prospects. ESPN didn't even have him in the Top 100. Fangraphs had him #99.

The arrest is not the reason why I said that. The arrest should hold him back a bit, but won't affect his long term status too much, other than the fact it shows he is not too bright.

Puig had a great spring training that boosted his stock. He is a good prospect who may end up becoming a star, but there are quite a few prospects I would rather have.
My post was about how you felt about his arrest. That's why that part was underlined.

I don't think the arrest means much if it's an isolated incident. And I get that you don't think he's an elite prospect. Right now I'd agree. But, I do think that could change in the next few months. We'll see.