So I just joined a new team in an adult baseball league with our first game in 2 weeks. Last year's team decided that the manager would buy a new team bat for the 2013 season and everyone would pay their portion. They drafted me and now expect me to pay my 23$ portion like everyone else. The problem is, I have my own bat. I'm only playing on this team for half the season before I move to England. The league here in Korea allows a -5 oz weight differential and the league in England has a -3oz rule. My bat is -3 and end loaded. 1) I don't want to swing a balanced bat with a -5 before playing for 3 seasons with a -3. 2) I was not apart of the decision to buy a new team bat last year. 3) everyone on the team can use my bat if they want for free. 4) I will be paying a full season worth while only playing half the year.

Am I being unreasonable by not wanting to pay for the "team bat?"