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So he doesn't know how to throw a pitch he's been throwing for pretty much his entire life?

Shenanigans, doug.
Well, he hasn't been throwing it his entire life. And no, he apparently didn't know how to throw much of a slider. Every report on it has said it isn't a good pitch for his entire career.

The breaking ball that Cingrani was throwing in Louisville resembled no pitch he had thrown in 2012. Not once did I hear a single report that he was throwing a breaking ball in the mid 70's. I saw him throw about 800 pitches last season. I never saw a pitch that looked anything like the breaking ball he was throwing in Louisville. The slider he threw last year wasn't close to the breaking ball he threw last night.

What I am saying is that the breaking ball he threw in his first start in 2013 wasn't the slider he threw last year and that it moves and has the velocity of a curveball rather than a slider. I am also saying that Tony Cingrani wouldn't be the first pitcher to grip a pitch and try to throw a slider and have it react like a curveball and that may in fact be exactly what is happening here.