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Curve, slurve, slider -- does it really matter? It's the evolution of Cingrani's secondary stuff. Many will recall the struggles Homer Bailey had in honing his secondary pitches (gone, for example, is the 12-6 curve he came to the bigs with). Cingrani's secondary stuff will continue to evolve. And chances are it will continue to improve, supplementing what makes him the prime prospect he is -- his extraordinary fastball.

Didn't see much out his changeup last night.
In the end it doesn't matter unless you want to talk about it. I find it an intriguing thing that he is gripping a slider and getting the movement he is getting, because most guys gripping the ball like that are getting very different movement than he is. Then I start wondering why it is happening? What is he doing differently to get that much more break on the pitch compared to other guys?

As for the change up, yeah, it is being thrown 8 times a game so far in both starts. I would like to see that pitch used a little more often. It seems that a lot of young pitchers don't trust the change up as much as the breaking ball, even if scouts tend to think the change up is a lot better than the breaking ball is. Cingrani is said to have a good change up, but he has been hesitant to throw it at times in the past and thus far this year too.